Astara Connect x Mitsubishi Motors & PanAmerican Games 2023

Transforming mass event mobility

Mitsubishi Motors @ PanAmerican games 2023, powered by Astara Connect technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of massive events, effectively managing mobility has become a pressing challenge. Coordinating an extensive fleet of vehicles in real-time, optimizing fuel consumption, and minimizing emissions pose formidable hurdles for organizations in the realm of large-scale events. Acknowledging these complexities, our collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors and the 2023 PanAmerican and ParapanAmerican Games was strategically designed to harness the power of connected mobility, addressing these challenges with innovative solutions.

Within this narrative, vehicle connectivity emerges as a holistic solution, tackling not just real-time location and security but also providing invaluable insights to streamline operations and mitigate environmental impacts. In this success story, we delve into how Astara Connect's technology confronted the immediate mobility challenges of massive events and transformed them into opportunities for enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and the overall experience for both the organization and end drivers.

Connecting the fleet for unparalleled event insights

To tackle the challenges posed by the organization and optimize the fleet's mobility during the 2023 PanAmerican and ParapanAmerican Games, we implemented a robust solution based on vehicle connectivity and real-time data analytics.

1.- Advanced hardware connection:

We established a comprehensive connection for Mitsubishi Motors vehicles and JMC minibuses using cutting-edge hardware provided by our partner, Targa Telematics. The 600 vehicle fleet was successfully connected through Hardware via OBD. This integration facilitated instant data collection from each vehicle, providing crucial tracker properties such as:

· Ignition.status

· Consumption.fuel.percentage

· Consumption.fuel.tank

· Odometer

· Device.battery.percentage


· Battery voltage

· Device.gps.odometer

· Position.heading

· Device.gps.speed

2.- Astara Connect Dashboard:

The obtained data was integrated into the Astara Connect dashboard, offering the organization an intuitive and centralized interface to monitor the fleet in real-time. From location to engine performance and speed, all key information related to vehicle status was just a click away.

Astara Connect Dashboard at Panamerican Games

3.- Customized Reports.

Detailed and personalized reports were created, allowing the organization to gain profound insights into fleet mobility. These reports were instrumental in assessing performance, identifying behavioral patterns, and making informed decisions to optimize operational efficiency.

Panamerican Games Mobility Report

4.- Machine Learning for Driving Scorings.

Machine Learning algorithms were implemented to generate driving scorings, evaluating the driving behavior of each vehicle. This facilitated the identification of efficient driving practices and contributed to improving safety and reducing vehicle wear.

5.- Smart Alerts and Locking.

Automatic alerts were configured in case of movements outside specific zones or times, empowering the organization to react proactively to unexpected situations. Additionally, a remote locking feature was implemented to ensure security in particular circumstances.

Key insights extracted: uncovering hidden potential

The implementation of Astara Connect during the 2023 PanAmerican and ParapanAmerican Games addressed operational challenges and provided a strategic and efficient insight into fleet mobility. These key data points served as indicators and stated pillars for efficiency and informed decision-making.

Some of the insights gained were:

  • Over 149.000 trips were recorded, covering 1.204.000 km during the event and with an average distance per vehicle of 2.000km.
  • 71% of movements occurred in urban environments.
  • A total of 133.419 liters of fuel were consumed, 77% of them being gasoline.
  • 319.164 kg of CO2 were released during the events, underscoring environmental transparency and a firm commitment to more sustainable mobility practices.
  • 4.173 visits to gas stations occurred. By meticulously analyzing refueling points and cross-referencing this information with nearby stations offering lower fuel prices, it is estimated that the fleet could have saved an estimated total of 2.440.000 CLP (2.459€) in fuel costs.
  • With an average score of 1.83 out of 5 in driving scorings, an area for development and improvement for future events is revealed. This indicator provides a valuable opportunity to refine driving practices and strengthen road safety through actions such as driver training or safety incentive programs.
  • No vehicle thefts or suspicious fuel movements were recorded. In the unlikely event of loss or theft, the real-time location capability of each vehicle provides an additional layer of security and immediate response, ensuring the fleet's integrity under any circumstances.

These insights serve as indications of past events and offered a clear demonstration of how our solution brought operational efficiency, security, and sustainability to the fleet's mobility during the events. This rigorous and efficient approach lays the groundwork for the second phase of the project, where precise and valuable information becomes a competitive advantage for vehicle resale.

Second phase: transforming data into added value

In the second phase of our collaboration, we embarked on a journey to maximize the value of the vehicles used in the 2023 PanAmerican and ParapanAmerican Games. The focus extended beyond vehicle resale, aiming to create a comprehensive experience that added value to both Mitsubishi Motors and the end driver.

  1. Transparent vehicle status: We provided the organization with detailed information on the usage and condition of the vehicles.
  2. Data-driven offers: Using insights gathered during the first phase, personalized resale offers were generated based on the state and usage history of each vehicle. This not only maximized financial returns for the organization but also offered end drivers a differentiated value.
  3. Driver-centric web app: We developed an intuitive web app centered on the driver, expanding connectivity beyond logistics management. Vehicle owners could access basic information, locate their vehicle in real-time, and use remote control commands for enhanced security. These features added an extra layer of security, giving drivers greater control over their vehicle's protection.
Mitsubishi Chile webapp powered by Astara Connect

María Jesús Ureta, Deputy Commercial Manager Mitsubishi Motors Chile

For Mitsubishi Motors, having this connectivity tool was key to take driving to a higher level. We were able to offer more than just a ride, but an experience towards the Panamerican Games organization where with Astara Connect's advanced technology, we were able to transform data into smart decisions.

This phase was not solely focused on vehicle resale but on creating a complete experience for the end consumer.

By integrating advanced technological solutions, we maximized the return on investment for the organization and elevated consumer satisfaction, setting a higher standard for connected mobility. This comprehensive approach is a testament to our dedication to innovation and a promise to continue redefining the future of mobility.